Lobbie is the world’s easiest way to do appointment scheduling

Lobbie makes it “mega simple” to do online appointments. Automate reminders!

Streamline your patient intake process by ensuring that each patient receives the right forms at the right time.

  • Patients can easily self-schedule appointments online, integrated with your website for tracking in Lobbie, or to feed your EMR or patient management system
  • Patients are able to find their provider’s available open slots online, in real time, 24/7 from anywhere and any device, they don’t have to call when you are open and wait on hold to schedule a visit
  • Patients receive an automated text or email confirming their appointment time and date, and auto-reminders as the date approaches 
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 45% using a fully dynamic, white-labeled, self scheduling, confirmation and reminder system
  • Fill same day cancellations quickly and efficiently to keep your provider’s calendars optimized and full – Our Open Appointment Management (OAM) functionality pushes out emails and texts driving other patients in to fill the open slot, and at the same time pushes the cancelling patient to reschedule.
Prompt patients to proactively schedule new and recurring appointments so you and your staff can focus on providing care.
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