Get more reviews on your Google Business profile with SocialNPS

We help practices get more visibility online by prompting happy patients to write local reviews on Google and other social media.

  • Send a NPS survey after every patient visit
  • Automatically request reviews at set times from your patients via email or text
  • Get valuable feedback on what’s working and what isn’t in your organization
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How SocialNPS works

Send an NPS survey to your patients manually or automatically based on form due dates or after an appointment.

Request Google Reviews from your happiest patients.

Send out an NPS survey to your patients over email or text

Send out surveys manually to any patient you’d like, or have surveys be sent out automatically to patients based on their forms due date or on a set time after an appointment.

Ask for feedback or direct patients to give a review

Based on the survey response, direct patients to either give feedback or, optionally, leave a Google review for your practice.

View incoming responses in real time

Get a full overview of all incoming responses. Know which patients to follow up with.

NPS surveys are used to measure patient satisfaction

NPS scores are used to measure patient loyalty and satisfaction by determining how likely patients are to recommend a practice or a practitioner to their colleagues or friends.

Net Promoter Scores are generated by surveys where respondents score a product or service on a rating scale of 1-10.

NPS surveys benefit healthcare practices

NPS provides a consistent benchmarking tool that is continually being updated and aggregated as new responses are received so you can track patient perceptions, benchmark against internal and industry averages, and monitor progress over time.

This allows organizations to make operational and service improvements, or add products and treatments that can increase patient loyalty and referrals that ultimately grow revenues.

NPS is a metric every employee can understand and use to discuss the patient experience.NPS has even been shown to help provide better health outcomes for your patients.

Online reviews help your practice stand out

Patient reviews are a crucial part of a healthcare practice's online presence and can have a significant impact on its success.

Reviews can help improve the practice’s online presence and reach a wider audience. When a healthcare practice has a strong online presence, it can attract more potential patients and improve its reputation.

Online reviews are an important part of this online presence, as they provide valuable information about the practice to potential patients.

Reviews can help to build trust and credibility for the practice, as they provide an opportunity for patients to share their experiences with others.

Reviews can help a practice to stand out among its competitors and can improve its ranking on search results.

Patient experience monitoring


Positive Google reviews

Benefits for Operations
  • Know how your practice is doing

    Get up-to-date feedback from your patients after every visit using a consistent metric that all of your employees can reference.
  • Track trends & benchmark

    Compare how you’re doing against past performance. Find out what leads to happy patients.
  • Identify opportunities to improve

    Find out what your core drivers of patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction are. Be able to fix the root causes as they emerge.
Benefits for Marketing
  • Stand out in Google

    More reviews = more visibility in Google. We convert happy patients to happy reviews.
  • Give a voice to your patients

    Let your happiest patients tell others about their experience with your organization.
  • Grow the practice with NPS

    Identify patients who are most  likely to recommend your organization. Research suggests that Promoters may account for up to 80% to 90% of all referrals.
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