Will Kinsman

Will Kinsman is VP Product & AI at Lobbie

Will Kinsman, the VP of Product & AI at Lobbie, is a multidisciplinary engineer with a strong background in artificial intelligence and language processing systems.

With a passion for building robust solutions that are simple, transparent, and market-ready, Will has set himself apart from his peers when designing products, especially in Healthcare where complexities are known to build up quickly. Will got his start in software by developing a pipeline to turn fiction books into multi-voiced audio dramas autonomously. The experience he gained from this led him further explore the applications of natural language processing across multiple sectors. This has given him a colorful career that has included NASA, the famed high frequency trading firm Jane Street Capital, the NSA, as well as constructing and leading the artificial intelligence team at Inovalon Incorporated.

At Inovalon, Will learned how difficult and strenuous healthcare is for every person involved – for industry workers, for the practitioners, and of course the patient. Being able to be a part of Lobbie has provided him the unique opportunity on improving the patient-practitioner relationship in a new way. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University, has studied Materials Science at Penn State University, and presently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.