5 Ways Lobbie Will Transform Appointment Logistics

Will Kinsman
July 9, 2021
We know that, especially after coronavirus, how patients communicate with medical professionals and their practices has changed drastically, but we here at Lobbie want to take that and streamline the process even further. Technological advancements and ONC rules have lowered the barriers to care and permit the patient experience to be easy, as it always should have been. Here are a few of the ways Lobbie is improving the patient experience:
1) Open Appointment Management

It is not uncommon for appointments to be scheduled months in advance. Lobbie is the first organization to allow patients to opt-in for earlier appointments automatically. When an appointment is cancelled by a patient, a front desk may open the appointment up to patients who have opted into this feature. The patients will receive email offers notifying them of the earlier availability. This keeps the practice's schedule full and the patients happy and well-cared for.

2) Patients Never Have to Re-fill Forms

Ever filled out the same job application template thirty different times? Patients often experience the exact same issue when seeking care. Lobbie has begun careful construction of a blockchain ledge for aggregating patient form data to expedite the completion of any form with fields that have already been completed by that patient. The data is owned by the patient, and the patient controls who has access to their ledger.

Figure 1. Patient Ratings vs Wait Time
3) Streamlining of Appointments

Clinic ratings are inversely correlated with patient wait time as shown in the figure [1]. If a patient waits for more than 15 minutes in the waiting room (or in their car in the case of remote check-in) your clinic is at growing risk of a negative review from that patient. In addition to alerting your front desk of when this occurs, Lobbie provides patients with all the tools necessary to expedite the check-in process. This includes digital forms sent to the patient at the time of appointment creation, appointment notifications, and self-check-in. We also notify the practitioner if they are late to see the patient.

4) AI Enabled Scheduling

There are clear trends showing when a patient is scheduled and their propensity to actually show up to an appointment. In the era of AI, we have successfully constructed a model that forecasts the probability of patients showing up to their appointment, based on de-identified data such as past punctuality, practice location, and global patient behaviors. Lobbie is integrating this for patients and front desks to optimize the process for both.

5) Safe Data Interoperability

Patient data should be able to be moved safely and easily between systems within a practice. Lobbie features multiple integrations with EMR’s such as AdvancedMD and Athena Health, so all your systems are in sync. As a patient, I expect to be able to see my medical records and any forms I have completed. As a practitioner, I expect to see my patient appointments and data easily on all my platforms. With Lobbie, you can.

[1] 9th Annual Vitals Wait Time Report Released. Business Wire, 22 Mar. 2018, www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180322005683/en/9thAnnual-Vitals-Wait-Time-Report-Released.

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