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Our team has been building and running online, web-based applications, day in and out, since the start of the web. We have been creating and perfecting healthcare specific products for almost two decades.

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We are product people first and foremost and understand the workflows and utilization of operational technologies in clinical environments, having spent years walking, talking and learning in the halls of a myriad of types of healthcare facilities.

In 2020, we founded Lobbie to connect patients and providers to simplify the healthcare delivery experience. We saw that the traditional patient intake and registration systems that relied on waiting in crowded rooms and using printed forms and clipboards was broken. We have found that other companies have been trying to solve parts of this problem for years, but no one has been able to create an easy to use, next generation and comprehensive solution that is mobile based, first and foremost.

Inspired, we began working on a revolutionary virtual waiting room solution that would help improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers. Lobbie’s goal is to help medical groups and care facilities leverage patient intake to help achieve their strategic objectives. We built Lobbie to put innovative technology into the hands of patients and staff to automate check-in and streamline front-office workflow in real-time, from wherever and whenever it's needed.

We know caregivers want to provide patient care more than anything else and we see our job as technologists to help them do that as efficiently as possible. Healthcare providers have focused on clinical systems, and rightly so, but we are on a mission to deliver features and functionality that will now help them with operations and the business side of healthcare, so they can continue to focus on quality of care.

We’re driven to solve client challenges and help their practices run better, while providing a great patient experience at the same time.
Lobbie is a company founded on a strong belief in the impact we can make and the hard work required to make it happen. Sound familiar? We’re entrepreneurs just like many of the providers we support today. And this is personal for us. Your success doesn’t just impact us—it impacts our families and our friends, as well.

It’s time to give your practice the same care you give your patients—with a little help from your friends at Lobbie. We get it. You want to do more but just don’t have the time or resources. That’s where we come in. Our team will guide you toward success by helping you get more from the Lobbie platform and, when correctly integrated, other software solutions you use in your practice.

At Lobbie, we will help you connect with patients before, during and after their visit. We have made it our mission to know patient intake and to help healthcare providers better understand their patients. Lobbie is a software company, but our goal is to improve healthcare operations—one patient visit at a time.

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