Why Lobbie?

Lobbie has been built by people with extensive healthcare experience using next-generation mobile and web technologies from the start.

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Unlike many of our competitors, deploying decades old solutions that have been cobbled together from PC programs, or early internet or kiosk technologies, our platform is built for today’s world (think mobile and machine learning) and has no limiting architecture that halts improvements. This allows us to provide applications that are elegant and solve the actual problems, keeping up with the constantly changing needs of our customers and the world they live and work in.

We are focused on specifically addressing the patient intake experience end-to-end, using our years of expertise in deploying web-based technology to solve  operational issues in healthcare. We know what works, and as importantly, what doesn’t and we understand how to apply cutting-edge web solutions that are flexible and easy to use.

Easy to use = Adoption by staff and patients = Operational efficiency = Return on investment (ROI)

Lobbie is a single, customizable platform that does the work of many. It consolidates and automates all the processes and workflows related to patient intake, appointments and communication in a single, comprehensive solution. Our goal is to free you and your staff from manual processes or clunky applications that create inaccurate or cumbersome workflows, and instead allow you to optimize patient and staff experiences and care.

Lobbie also gives patients the ability to do more online prior to appointments, resulting in a significant impact on patient AND staff satisfaction. By giving patients the freedom to complete all necessary documents whenever they would like, from the convenience and safety of their home, office, auto, etc, and engaging patients before, during, and after their visit, Lobbie ties them closer and favorably to your business.

Our fully customizable patient registration forms fit your care center’s needs and our dynamic platform is designed to fit your healthcare practice. Unlike most other digital patient intake systems, our team works with your practice to fully customize your registration forms and workflow to fit your existing documents and processes.

Lobbie’s mobile patient intake, registration, and engagement solution empowers healthcare, improving administrative efficiency, increasing medical practice revenue, and ultimately maximizing patient satisfaction.

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