Powerful integrations for every organization

Automatic data updates into leading EHR systems

You can:

  • Integrate any of your custom forms with your EHR
  • Send patient form documents like PDFs from Lobbie to your EHR
  • Automatically sync actual patient data from online forms to your EHR, or pull data into Lobbie
  • Automatically send out Lobbie forms to capture data when triggered, such as an appointment has been added in the EHR
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96% of patients have a positive experience, regardless of PM/EHR
100% of patient records are kept intact during your integration process
24/7 support availability by a dedicated account team

Implementation across your organization

Lobbie’s integrations are managed by a dedicated team skilled in HL7v2, FHIR, proprietary APIs, data extracts and more.

We work closely with EHR vendors to create robust, responsive and easy to use interfaces that help practices do more with less.
Save time & resources
Streamline practice operations by reducing redundant data entry and administrative tasks.
Capture data accurately
Demographics, insurance information and consent forms update automatically and efficiently.
Improve patient experience
Lobbie’s mobile-friendly forms are easy to fill out for patients, regardless of their age or device.

Send patient data from Lobbie forms to your EHR

We connect your form fields to your EHR. When patients fill out forms in Lobbie, the data can be pushed automatically to the patient’s chart in your EHR.

Send form documents from Lobbie to your EHR

Generate PDF files from any patient form in Lobbie and send it to your EHR

Connect to your EHR

We connect to most common EHRs and have built sophisticated but simple, bi-directional interfaces to these vendors:
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