Lobbie Institute Releases Study - Use of Digital Intake Forms in Doctor Offices

Lobbie Institute has released a study examining the use of digital intake forms in Doctor offices.
August 31, 2021

This is the first study of this kind and looks at patient preference in a world dealing with Covid and the resulting desire to minimize time spent in waiting rooms.

Will Kinsman, VP of Product and AI for Lobbie noted:

"Covid is having a permanent impact on patient behavior - 78% of patients expressed they would change providers if the new one simply offered digital intake forms”

While electronic medical records are now the standard for maintaining a patient's information, the forms that patients fill out in advance of an appointment are still predominantly paper in format. 

These are the forms that are completed before an appointment for both legal and informational purposes that document the patient's health history, family history, medications, patient consent for treatment, and privacy policy just to name a few. 

Despite high adoption rates of electronic medical record systems, patients are still frequently prompted to complete this paperwork in advance of appointments either by printing out a PDF at home or filling out paper on a clipboard in the doctor's waiting room.

In this study we share the results of a moderately-sized survey that explores the shift towards digital intake forms, and broadly compare the findings to related research.

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